Porini Camp Safari Guides

The safari guides at our Porini Safari Camps are chosen for their high levels of skill and customer service. The Maasai have exceptional tracking skills and no one knows their landscape, habitats and local flora and fauna as well as them. All are accredited by the KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association).

We are very pleased to have the following guides on our Porini team:


Jackson Sayialel, KPSGA Silver Level

Jackson was born to be a guide having grown up just a mile from the famous Masai Mara National Game Reserve. His interpretive knowledge of wildlife stems from the early childhood having grown up close to many wild animals. Jackson is our Head Guide at Porini Lion Camp. After the completion of his high school course in Ololulung’a High School, he worked as a teacher before going to the Koiyaki Guiding School to take a course as a guide. Apart from his guiding courses, Jackson has attended a number seminars and workshops in hospitality and tourism management. Jackson joined Gamewatchers and Porini Camps in 2007, a few months after the establishment of Olare Orok Conservancy (Now Olare Motorogi Conservancy) in 2006.. He holds a silver certificate from the Koyiaki Guiding School and really enjoys bird watching, natural and wildlife history. His favorite experience in the wild is during the wildebeest migration as the Mara is teeming with wildlife. He loves the lappet faced and the white-backed vultures, and his favorite land mammal is the giraffe. Jackson believes that the expansion of conservancies is a great space for conserving wildlife.

Ben Munke Tongoyo, KPSGA Silver Level



Ben Munke is from Narok County.

Ben is a great guide with the ability to spot wildlife and different bird species. He enjoys conducting nature walks , loves being with people, and has vast knowledge of the flora and fauna of his surroundings.

Ben’s work experience includes being a teacher at Lenkanka High school, and a guide in the Shompole conservancy prior to coming to Porini Safari Camps. His love for wildlife made him join clubs such as Wildlife Club of Kenya as well as Friends of Conservation. He studied at the Koyiaki Guiding School and is now a silver rated guide.


Bill Simat Kupai, KPSGA Silver Level



Bill Kupai is from Narok County. He is sociable and has a vast knowledge of wildlife having grown up in the Ol Kinyei region.

He attended the Nairobi Aviation College where he studied tour guiding and administration. Bill worked as a teacher at Ololbormurt Primary School, and has also worked with various NGOs in the Sekenani sublocation.

Bill is a KPSGA silver rated guide. Bill has started his guiding career at the Porini Rhino Camp where he spent four years having joined in October, 2010 and then moved on to Porini Mara Camp.


Wilson Saningo Pere, KPSGA Silver Level

wilson-saningo-pereA lively and sociable person, Wilson grew up in Narok County at Ol Kinyei group ranch. He started his work experience as a trainee Naturalist. He has excellent knowledge in the flora and fauna of his natural environment.

He is a silver level guide trained at Koiyaki Guiding School. He initially worked with Porini as a room steward, then became a waiter and a storekeeper. He then decided to fulfill his passion by becoming a full time guide and spotter, and is now a full time Silver driver guide.



Julius Letuluo, KPSGA Bronze Level


Julius was raised in Ol Kinyei and trained at Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a Bronze level guide at Porini Lion Camp.

He loves living with wildlife and taking guests out on game drives to share his knowledge of the flora and fauna.





Christopher Letuluo, KPSGA Silver Level


Christopher grew up in Ol Kinyei and attended Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a Silver level guide at Porini Lion Camp.

He enjoys being out on drives with guests where he can share an appreciation of Kenya’s wildlife.




Julius Sairowua, KPSGA Bronze Level


Julius was raised in Ol Kinyei and trained at Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a Bronze level guide at Porini Lion Camp.

His favourite hobbies are wildlife and reading.






Nelson Keiwua, KPSGA Bronze Level


Nelson grew up in Olololunga in the Maasai Mara and he trained at Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a Bronze level guide at Porini Lion Camp.

His passion is taking guests out to observe the wildlife.





John Tompoi, KPSGA Bronze Level


John grew up in Kashermoruak in the Masai Mara region and attended Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a guide at Porini Lion Camp.

He loves living surrounded by the wildlife.







Edward Kipetu, Spotter


Edward was born and raised in Ol Kinyei and trained at Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a Spotter at Porini Lion Camp.

He loves living with the wildlife, conservation of flora and fauna and being out in the field.





James Nginai, KPSGA Bronze Level


James grew up in Siana in the Masai Mara region and attended Koiyaki Guiding School.

He is now a Spotter at Porini Lion Camp.

His passion is enjoying the landscape and the wildlife.






Daniel Mamai, KPSGA Silver Level

daniel-mamaiDaniel was born and raised in Eselenkei near the Amboseli National Park. He loves to spot both birds and mammals as he is passionate about what he does.

He studied at the Tsavo Park Hotel institute and he is now a silver rated guide. He has worked with various organizations previously including the Africa Conservation Center. His favorite animal is the elephant.

He has been part of the Porini family since June 2002 and after several years at Porini Rhino Camp as head guide he moved to Porini Amboseli Camp in Selenkay Conservancy.




Jackson Liaram, KPSGA Silver Level

jackson-liaram-minteengJackson’s career inspiration was to be a major player in the field of wildlife and tourism management. He has a silver certificate in Field and Tour guiding and has studied wildlife and tourism, natural history, animal behavior, culture and history, communications and first aid. Jackson has been working in the field since 2006 and joined Porini in 2011 where he is a full time guide and host at the Adventure Camp in Ol Kinyei. He is not only a guide, but a Born Naturalist with an in depth knowledge in conservation, community approaches to conservation and management roles. Jackson enjoys bird watching, walking amongst the wild, reading, athletics and is at one with nature when he is out driving and spotting. His best wildlife experience was tracking the elusive Lions of Selenkay and witnessing a black rhino fight an elephant in the  Maasai Mara. His favorite animal is the giraffe.

Wilson Kasaine, KPSGA Silver Level

wilson-kasaineWilson loves Kenya and calls it a “magical place to be!” Quoting him: “Kenya’s physical geography ranges from high mountains including spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, rolling plains, rivers and lakes, equatorial forest, grasslands, bushlands and even deserts – what is there not to love?” Wilson is passionate about what he does as he enjoys guest interaction, and feels that he also learns so much from everyone he meets. His love for the outdoors is reflected in his actions when he takes guests on game drives for various sightings. His incredible knowledge of the flora and fauna of nature, and diverse facts on various subjects makes him a unique “teacher” in wildlife and conservation based at Porini. Wilson has a certificate in Travel and Tourism and a Diploma of Tourism and Business Studies from the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) and is a KPSGA Silver rated guide. He has been with Gamewatchers and Porini since 2006.


Andrew Saruni, KPSGA Silver Level

andrew-saruniAndrew was born and raised in Narok. He is a Silver rated guide, but has largely acquired all his guiding and training skills on the job. He holds a diploma in journalism from Kenya Polytechnic University. His aim for 2014 is to achieve a gold rating certification. Andrew has a sensitive eye out in the field, and photographers often request for him when they came down. He is also part of the East African Ornithological Society, Narok County Youth-Led Group, Maa Association and Friends of City Park. His favourite bird is the Lilac-Breasted Roller and his favorite mammal is the Leopard. One of his best wildlife experiences was watching a Pygmy Falcon, the smallest raptor in East Africa kill a male Red-Headed Agama, a colorful lizard larger than the 8” Falcon. Andrew joined us at Porini Rhino Camp in 2011, followed by some time as our guide at Nairobi Tented camp and is now guiding at the Porini camps in Ol Kinyei or on some of our road safaris visiting different parks and reserves.



 Geoffrey Ketere , KPSGA Bronze Level, Porini Mara Camp

Geoffrey grew up in Endoinyo Narasha Village in Ol Kinyei and after completing high school in 2010, he approached us at Gamewatchers Safaris to seek support in studying Wildlife. He was offered a scholarship by Gamewatchers to enroll at the Koiyaki Guiding School in the year 2011 and graduated in September 2012 with KPSGA Bronze Level certification. Then he joined Porini Mara Camp in Ol Kinyei Conservancy as a guide after his graduation and has been there for the past 5 years. His favourite animal is the cheetah because it can run faster than any other animal on earth and it feeds only on freshly killed meat. As Ol Kinyei is one of the best places in East Africa to see cheetahs, he is rewarded with regular and frequent sightings. He has seen many cheetah kills and recently witnessed the unusual sight of a Grant’s gazelle succeeding in escaping from the jaws of a cheetah after being pulled down following a chase.




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