Our Community Outreach Projects

Over the years, we at Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps have participated in various projects to provide benefits and amenities for our partner communities living alongside the conservancies.

We support a number of  initiatives aiming to improve the lives of local communities,  to which our customers are invited to make contributions.

Donations go a long way in assisting the communities surrounding the conservancies and can make a positive difference in their lives.

The focus of our Community Outreach Projects is on three core areas:




See below for more details of our current projects. To make a donation to one or more of these important initiatives – please click here .

We can arrange for your contribution to be collected by credit / debit card (Visa or Mastercard) via our secure online payment system.

Your generosity goes a long way and we post updates on our Facebook page and our Blog to show how your donations have been utilised in the community.

Thank You


Client Donations to date: US $42,462

We are very grateful to the following guests at our Porini Camps for their kind contributions to the projects listed below:
Ophelia Gua, Cheryl & Joe Gibson, Evan Giller, Kushal Acharya, Lynda Bryson, Brian James, Rick Spear, Gordon Bull, George Wilson, Robert Spiers, Carol Whippo, Tara McGillivray, Edgerly, William Forrest, Sui-Chun (Kim) Liu, Melissa Schmidt, Barbara Douglas, Carol Robert, Jim Sandler, Priscilla (Penny) Bosworth, Olga Zolotova & Lisa Marsden , Kathryn Day, Asta Gudmundsdottir, Alex Leung, Gordon Taylor, Steven Hamburger , Jane & John Skillen, Jonathan Wiggins, Kathleen Kerr, Jean Innes, Rustin McCoy, Mark Middleton, Dorian Carloni, Susan Snashall,  Jenny Tucker, Marianne Lindblad, Jatin Mava, Robert Nimkoff, Caroline Mulvin, Grant Leach, Virginia Silvester, Karen De Willimoff, Amy Lee, Qing Dong, Howard Birnbaum, William Bredall, Frank Carsten Thiel, Barbara and Peter Gifford, Maria Tyrell, Rob Shaw-Fuller, C. Riggs, Tori Bohn, George Jarvis, Isabelle Chappat, Sherri Romero, David Frankl & Mary Blenkush, Noel Clark, Deb Edson, Lena & Anders Odeldahl, David & Jolene Phillips, Anaban Ghosh, David and Wendy Richardson , Maura O’Brien, Millie Troll, Siddharth & Swati, Susan Burrows, Heather & Karl, John Illington, Jeanne and Rich Jacobson, Beth Upton, Amanda Arcuri, JoAnn Giesen, Ellen Sax, Kathy Carleo, Micheal & Jenny Trestrail, Julie Fahy, Gary Johnson, Carolyn Singer, David & Sue Clinker, William Aber, Theresa Hannigan, Kathy Whiston-Lemm, Jean Cassels, Wayne Hammond.


Our grateful thanks also go to:
  • Penny Bosworth for her donations towards the Tree Planting Project at Iloirero Primary School
  • Phil Edwards & Sabrina Blauvelt for their purchase of school uniforms for Iloirero Primary School
  • Rick & Nicole Goodfellow for their substantial contributions to kitchen renovations at Oloibor Murt Primary School,  to the School Bursary Fund in Ol Kinyei, to the proposed Il Monchin Primary School washroom block and most recently to the costs of conservancy land leases equivalent to securing 4 acres of habitat for wildlife for ten years.
  • Richard & June Doig for raising $1,000 from contributions to celebrate  their Ruby Wedding Anniversary for the purchase of school shoes for the 50 youngest pupils at Ol Kinyei School
  • Mike Vairo contributed to purchase of solar lights and water filters for a village near Selenkay Conservancy.
  • Pamela Cissik contributed towards purchase of lion deterrent lights for a village near Selenkay Conservancy.


Thank you all !

Selenkay Smart Learning Project

Despite the downturn in tourism  during the Covid-19 pandemic, we remained fully committed to our community projects in line with our company mission. The Smart Learning Project (funded by the PD Foundation) was launched in Selenkay in March 2021 to empower the community through digital / technological skills.

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Ilmonchin School Sanitation Project

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) conditions in rural Kenya are a big problem. Our latest project addresses a much-neglected but vital issue for school children in rural Kenya and that is the subject of provision of adequate toilet facilities in the schools. For this project we are partnering with Dig Deep, a UK charity working to transform the lives of children and communities in rural Kenya, to improve facilities for Ilmonchin Primary School in Ol Kinyei Community.

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Partnership with The Maarifa Foundation

Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps is proudly working with the Maarifa Foundation in a School twinning project established between the schools we support in Selenkay Conservancy and Ol Kinyei Conservancy in Kenya and classes in Australia. The foundation is assisting in paying school fees, run recycling programs and education.

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Ol Kinyei Bursary Fund

We are supporting the families of Ol Kinyei with our Bursary Fund, alleviating some of the financial burden of the childrens’ education.

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Koiyaki Guiding School Scholarship Fund

The Koiyaki Guiding School provides tourism training for the Maasai. The Scholarship Fund creates opportunities for promising youth who show a passion for wildlife and conservation, but who may not be able to afford the school fees.

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Porini Boma Strengthening Programme

We aid the local Maasai in reinforcing their traditionally constructed bomas to help prevent predators from entering the Maasai village and livestock enclosures. The reinforced bomas ensure that predators that target their natural prey are no longer threats to the community.

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Porini Conservancies Rangers Programme

Rangers are the backbone in ensuring wildlife and habitat security in Kenya’s Parks, Reserves and Conservancies. As our conservancies have grown, so has the need for more rangers. We ensure that our partner communities see a direct benefit from this initiative as we employ 100% of our rangers from within the local villages.

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Provision of Water to Selenkay Villages

As part of our pledge to support the communities from which we lease conservancy land, we have improved access to safe water with the provision of water tanks. The project now raises funds towards the cost of the ongoing water deliveries.

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Beekeeping Project in Olkinyei and Selenkay

The objective of the bee keeping project is to empower the youth and women, raise conservation awareness while generating an alternative income for the group, improve livelihood, and conserve bees. The bee keeping project aims to work with youth & women groups around the conservancies we are involved in, as the youth have the highest unemployment and the women are more vulnerable as they need to support their families with limited resources

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