Lions-in-Ol-Kinyei-Conservancy-Masai-MaraWe regularly receive feedback from many of our guests on their return home after their safari with us and it is always a pleasure for us to hear that they had a great time on safari and hope to return.

Very many of our guests have been back on safari with us on numerous occasions over the years and we enjoy hearing their Safari Story and seeing the wonderful photos and videos that they share with us.

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We did a 12 day game drive and visited Tsavo, Amboseli, Samburu, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mari Game Reserves. What a magical and thrilling experience!!! Our guide, Steve, made it all the MORE SPECIAL with his enthusiasm and excitement for our experiences. We loved every minute of our time in Africa and with Steve (Jambo Steve!). He really went out of his way to make sure we were happy. The food was just great along with the accommodations at the beautiful lodges and we always felt safe and well taken care of. We really miss Africa and will give Game Watchers a referral to our friends of course!!
Posted By Ken & Denise Glaser on Wednesday 17th August at 19:43
Philip Edwards (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "On my 6th Porini Trip and still not getting tired of it! Mara camp, staff, guides, animals and even the rain are all great. As usual, I had a wonderful time. My best wishes to all".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:12
Tina & Jo Rees (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "So nice to be back at Porini Mara, where we truly feel like we are at home. I can't imagine a better place to be, and better people to share it with. The camp, the food, the gamewatching - all superb. We will absolutely be back again".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:12
Joyce & Paul Kelly (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "We have stayed 8 fabulous days with Gamewatchers - first at Rhino and now at Mara. We have fallen in love with Africa and the conservancy concept is brilliant! The Safaris and Camps were perfect".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:11
Lynn & Dana Remy (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "This was an amazing trip. In less than 24 hours we saw a total of 9 cheetahs (5 adults plus 4 cubs), 3 rhinos (1 baby), and so many other amazing animals! We will return because of the joy Jackson and Stanley shared with us everyday".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:11
Carolyn & Kathryn Strode (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Words cannot describe how wonderful these two days were. The staff is beyond perfect. Our driver and guide were fantastic, food was amazing, would not change one single thing. Far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for a most memorable trip".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:10
Steven & Fiona Kinloch (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Another wonderful stay at Porini Mara Camp. The conservancy is beautiful with lots of wildlife".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:10
Lisa Buckalders & David Jones (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Really excellent camp with wonderful staff. Geoffrey and Stanley werent only great at their jobs, but also very good company. Terrific sightings including cheetah kill (mother plus 3 cubs), Aardwolf (!) and at night drive porcupine, white-tailed mongoose, bat eared foxes - too much to mention! Many thanks".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:09
Joanna Frazer (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "What an incredible place this is. The feeling of being almost alone with the animals is one we'll never forget - and will struggle to ever replicate. The food was exceptional, the staff amazingly friendly, and our guides Bill and Ben funny and very knowledgeable. Thanks to you all - we've had a fantastic time".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:09
Clare Elder (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "What an absolutely magical stay! Staff were wonderful. We were well-looked after and will definitely be back. Leopards cheetahs lions and lots of elephant- couldn't have asked for more!! Special thanks to Ben & Bill".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:09
Oliver & Katie Clegg (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "What an amazing experience! We saw so many animals and the scenery is spectacular! The tents were lovely and staff was so informative and awesome! We loved our stay and can't wait to come back"!
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:08
Michi Ebata (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: " Wonderful relaxing time. Very special. Thank you for taking care of me and for all the hospitality".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:08
William Baird (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Jimmy & Jackson, their staff and the guides and spotters were terrific! I intend to come back with my family".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:07
Arne Bergo (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Thank you for your kind hospitality, great food, great staff and great guides".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:06
Anna & Tom Briggs (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Thank you very much to everyone in this wonderful camp. As usual we had a very warm welcome from all. Special thanks to Jimmy and also Wilson and Marima. Wonderful game drives with very many animals around - great cats! Hope to return in time"!
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:06
Romesh & Keya Abhayaratne (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Thank you for your warm hospitality. What a wonderful adventure. Every game drive had something special for both adults and kids. My four year old daughter on her first time to the Mara was engaged all the time with her sorrounding and her favourite Maasai guide and driver, Ben and Stanley. We will be back again with the rest of our family soon. Keep up the great work. Again thank you".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:06
Rajesh, Sarita & Manyu Bondre (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "What a wonderful way to end our first ever Safari in Mara Porini! Thank you so much for taking that extra special care - masala chai (tea) / vegetarian food (thumbs up!) and Bill & Simon our Maasai guides. Looking forward for our next trip - Namaste"!
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:05
Shailender Mehta (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Amazing experience. Thanks to you all at Porini Mara for such great hospitality. The camp location is perfect, the food is good and the staff very friendly. I enjoyed my stay. If I come back for a Safari to Kenya it will definitely be with Porini Camps. Thank you all".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:05
Frederik Harsolf (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Wonderful experience. Everything was just perfect. Thank you so much for your help and for taking good care of me. Hope to come back again some time".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:04
Helene Stromsvold (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2015: "Thank you for such an amazing experience. Everything about it was wonderful. We will be back again that's for sure".
Posted By Admin on Tuesday 30th June at 12:03
Tony & Ali Bath (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "What an incredible experience we have had. Beautifully looked after by friendly, caring staff in such wonderful surroundings. Great food too, our game drives with Josephat and Jared were the highlight; they were knowledgeable and informative on every creature. The animals speak for themselves! Thank you."
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:57
Ray & Jane Tyler (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "Absolutely fantastic!! You treated us amazingly - a truly memorable wedding – safari. Saw everything, food and hospitality was superb! Will recommend to everyone. Thank you!"
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:56
Qamar & Lisa Zaman (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "Amazing camp and staff. We cannot thank you enough for all your hospitality and help. This is a trip we will never forget. WE WILL BE BACK!! All the best for the future. You all made our wedding day so special and we will be talking about it for years."
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:54
Coates Family (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "We’ve been here too many times to count. As usual, everything was wonderful. James was so hospitable and Jackson, John Mark, Jackson and Stanley were wonderful. Thank you!"
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:53
Simon Gallapo (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "Wow! When we first got here you asked us what we still had on our list. We gave you two things – you gave us tenfold. Every outing was even more than the next! To top it off, the two rhinos and the cubs playing with each other for over one hour and we were never rushed to move – thank you for all your patience. Thank you to all the staff and service and we all wish you the best of luck!"
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:52
Jack Craig (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "Thank you guys so much for an awesome stay. The staff and service was amazing and the tents were just perfect. The animals were the best though the guide knew so much and led us to a lion kill. Wow!"
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:49
Ed-Kristersson Family (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2014: "Thanks for a great adventure, seeing all kinds of animals. Our 10 year old daughter said it was the best day of her life. So many “once in a lifetime moments” in only two days. Thank you so much!"
Posted By Admin on Thursday 11th December at 10:47
Samiramis Sarkadei (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "I don’t know where to begin! There are no words that can truly describe the experience I had with you guys. Wow!!! You are amazing. This place is now one of my favorite places and I will return. The hospitality, your professionalism and eagerness to show us wildlife is just out of this world. I love our guides and staff and management. Thank you! See you soon."
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:54
Jane & Mike Brick (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "A very successful safari experience in all ways. Professional, courteous services, good food. We will recommend Porini at home in USA, New Jersey. Eco concept and maasai support is needed in a challenged world. We so totally appreciate all your staff, everything you have provided for us – so excellent – our guides William & especially Jackson know exactly where to see the wildlife up close & personal. Dream of a lifetime trip."
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:52
Mussoni Family (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "Thank you for making our stay a memorable one. The company, the staff, the game drives, the views and the food were all great and we will look back at this safari as our best spent moments in Africa. See you again".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:51
Silja & Audun (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "To all workers on Porini Lion Camp. You are amazing! Staying here is wonderful and we love staying here. We are coming back for a rematch in football, that was so much fun! Going to miss you all. Everything is good and fantastic: food, service, driving, guiding".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:49
Hurling Family (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "Thank you for an amazing few days. We saw more animals than we thought was possible. The food has been great and as all round fantastic time! We shall be back and we will spread the gospel"!
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:48
Vivian, Amor & Anita (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "Awesome experience. Had a fantastic time. Everyone is so friendly. Thank you so much for great time".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:47
Sadig, Amira & Warda (via Porini Camp Comment Book), 2013: "Wow! Thank you sincerely for an incredible stay. We saw more than we had imagined. We were thoroughly impressed by your professionalism and for making my birthday so special. We cannot wait to come back! Thank you Stanley (the best driver in Africa) and Jared".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:45
Agmen Family (via Porini Comment Book), 2013: "Thank you so much for our lovely stay here at Porini Lion Camp. It exceeded all our expectations, and we got to see everything we wanted! A special thanks to our fantastic guides Big John and Jackson who did everything in their power to meet our expectations!"
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:39
Brade Family (via Porini Comment Book), 2013: "Everything beyond expectation. The wildlife, the comfort, the hospitality. Most specially the wonderful staff".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:37
David & Jack Patterson (via Porini Comment Book, 2013): "We hoped for and got “cats-cats-more cats” surprised by the river crossing and the spectacle of the crocs as they took many Zebras".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:36
Jane and Peter Galloway (via Porini Comment Book, 2013): "This our third stay at Porini Lion Camp. And our sixth trip to Porini Camps, all through Gamewatchers. The level of hospitality and eco-friendliness has got better and our thank you to Joseph for managing his staff well. Good luck for the future. Our sightings were amazing and we thank Josephat and Jared".
Posted By Admin on Wednesday 10th December at 11:30
As a family we are hooked on safaris. To us the issue is to have with the best wild life / wild place experience coupled with low tourist density, flexibility in what we want to do and also to know that we are supporting real sustainable eco tourism. We find this blend at the Porini Camps where we have been staying for a number of years. The Conservancy experience is special for a number of reasons. The first is the great wildlife - We have never been disappointed. But Porini provides more 1) No set times to return to your camp - in the main Maasai Mara National Reserve you could be watching the beginnings of an exciting hunt but would have to head back for the evening curfew 2) limited number of vehicles so no mad minibus circus around the animals - the Mara Conservancies operate on a one tent per 700 acre basis so the wildlife viewing is outstanding. Earlier this year I was in the Ol Kinyei conservancy which is exclusive to the Porini Camps (they run three there with different pricing options) and we spent ages with a pride of lion, three sightings of leopard and cheetahs hunting with no other vehicles around us. 3) Flexibility of timings - you can take a breakfast or picnic lunch out with you - do night drives, game walks etc - this flexibility is only in the Conservancies 4) the package is usually all in and they take care of you from start to finish 5) there is real engagement with the local community who share in the benefits of the conservancy Our friends and us have also used Gamewatchers to book us into other places as they know what is good and can usually get better prices than going direct.
Posted By Pesh Framjee on Monday 21st July at 08:00
My husband and I were on 5 different safari's while in Kenya in January and the Porini Lion Camp was our first one and rated the others against Porini. All lovely and no complaints but our Porini gamedrives were so fun with Stanley and William . They were outstanding. They were the best !! We didn't see a Rhino but I think we saw EVERYTHING else. Great guides.They knew their birds which was a bonus. Every one at the camp was so nice and accommodating, friendly and fun. We were very pampered .. A 5 star, memorable trip
Posted By Ginny on Sunday 23rd February at 13:47
My husband and I were in 5 different camps on our visit to Kenya. Don has since passed away from Alzheimers. Our trip to Kenya topped anything either he or I had ever experienced. Gamewatchers were WONDERFUL, caring, efficient, understanding and patient with us both. Don was beginning to need a bit special help at that time and we could not have asked for any thing better........and the FOOD, WONDERFUL!!! Mary Jane Fields (Schoen)
Posted By Mary Jane Fields on Monday 27th May at 03:01
Overwhelming, the total Porini experience was incredible. Can only echo comments of other guests, all aspects excellent, camps, guides, drivers, staff, food. Tansfers between camps run with military precision. We had 7 nights on the Wilderness Safari and it was the most amazing time of my life. Met Jake at Amboseli and Lulu at Rhino who carry the Gamewatchers flag magnificently. Special mention to Wilson at Amboseli, an absolute star. And obviously a big thank you to all the wildlife for showing up! Totally smitten by Kenya xx
Posted By Elaine Wigglesworth on Wednesday 15th February at 11:37
We have just returned from our fifth visit to Kenya, organised through Sally Wanjau and facilitated by Gamewatchers. We should like to thank everyone for the meticulous planning in ensuring that our experience was, once again, wonderful. We would particularly like to thank and commend Vincent for meeting us at JK Airport; to Alex for a memorable drive from Nairobi to Mara Porini; to Monhanjeet for persuading us to stay once more at Mara Porini where Ben and Stanley were such great company to be with for 3 days. Then on to the Cove Retreat, and our thanks to Doris, Charles, William, Joshua and Rosie for making us feel as though we were part of their community. Not forgetting Boris and Seth for their friendliness and warmth. Sadly, we had to leave, but you can be assured that when (not if) we return, it will be through the auspices of Gamewatchers! Come on, Jake, open up in the Serengeti; we are bursting to experience another Porini camp.
Posted By Jane Galloway on Monday 2nd January at 18:52
Mount Kenya--Elementita--Mara tour We are getting caught up, finally. Thanks to all with gamewatchers!! Maurice, our adviser, put together a tour, tailor made for us. The price was right. Everything worked out perfect. Our driver, Joshua, was kind, friendly, informative and a safe driver. Mount Kenya was breathtaking. The Mara was beautiful. Thanks again to all !
Posted By Dave and Angela Rode on Sunday 17th April at 20:23

Mara Porini Camp

I stayed at the Mara Porini camp only and wished it had been longer. The thing that stood out the most for me was the fact that no other tour vehicles are allowed on the conservancy other than guests of Mara Porini. I was able to enjoy a nice evening with a pride of lion with nine cubs all by myself and my wonderful guides to keep me company. The eco-friendliness of the camp was a big plus too!
Posted By Denise on Monday 14th March at 06:40
My parents have just returned back from Kenya. They had the most fantastic and marvellous time on their safari trip. John Adamba -their Kenyan tour guide- did an amazing job, was extremely helpful and polite, as well as other members of staff -including waiters, porters etc. They always were welcomed warmly -with welcome drinks- whichever accomodation they went to and even their luggages were carried into their room! Plus the high security standards were above their expectations!! Food was also fab with huge variety, not to mention the jeep which they had only for themselves + the tour guide!! My parents definitely had the best holiday of their lives and came back with unforgettable moments. I strongly recommend this trip to everyone who would like to discover and experience the beauty of Africa. We all are thankful to the tour guide John Adamba for making my parents' holiday even more special and doing such an incredibly professional job. JAMBO JOHNNY!
Posted By Eszter on Tuesday 1st March at 20:01
Jambo! We have just come back from a 6 day safari with Gamewatchers and I just want to say how amazing our experiences were. I'd like to give a special thank you to our guide - Joshua Chebet who was the perfect guide. He was extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced and had a great sense of humour!!We'd like to think that we've parted ways as friends. We really couldn't have asked for a better guide. We managed to see all the Big 5 and plenty of other animals. What an experience and thank you Gamewatchers and Joshua for making our trip so memorable and enjoyable. Asante Sana!!!!!
Posted By Kai on Monday 15th November at 12:28
Spent several days last week at the Porini Lion Camp and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our group of 21 people was treated to comfortable tents, excellent food, and an unforgettable safari wildlife experience. We did see the Wildebeast/Zebra cross the Mara River and that is something we will not forget. I would not hesitate to recommend this camp to any visitor to the area.
Posted By Judy White on Thursday 29th July at 17:43
Amboseli Porini Camp at the Selenkay Conservation area My first experience with the Porini Camps was at Amboseli. The luxurious tents were a big surprise. Not only were they beautifully furnished but comfortable... hot showers and all. The camp manager, Tony was well-organized and very friendly. Both Dominic and Jonah were amazing guides. There is no one more knowledgeable about our 'feathered friends' than Dominic. I highly recommend Porini Camps.
Posted By Carole Herdegen on Tuesday 27th July at 16:46
We stayed at Amboseli and Porini Rhino Camps for our honeymoon and had an amazing time. The guides were fantastic and fulfilled all of our expectations, we could not have wished for any more. From champagne in our luxury tent on arrival, hot showers, hot water bottles in our beds, cakes, flowers, songs, blessings from Masai warriors and of course seeing some of the most incredible animals in the world. Thank you so much! Rob & Vicky - June 2010
Posted By Vicky Newsome on Sunday 4th July at 03:33
Amboseli Porini Camp and Kicheche Camp, Mara Jan 2008 My husband and I spent three weeks in Kenya and Tanzania over the Christmas / New Year period and had ( yet another ) amazing time , feeling safe and extremely well looked after at all times. One of the highlights was 3 nights in Amboseli Porini with Oscar and his wonderful team. We also paid a return visit to fantastic Kicheche and had some spectacular game sightings, well over 100 cats over 5 days. Geraldine
Posted By Mrs Geraldine O'Riordan Guernsey Channel Islands on Tuesday 27th April at 09:50
Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara, July 2008 Asante sana! Not just to the Porini Lion Camp but also to all the wonderful people that we have met along the way at Amboseli Porini Camp as well as the Porini Rhino Camp. It has been fabulous! Johna and Gerald were awesome guides. Our first day of safari they showed us Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs! Thank you. PS Loved the hot water bottles at night!
Posted By Jeff and Laura Hall Washington DC USA on Tuesday 27th April at 09:47
Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara, July 2008 We had the best experience ever. We saw everything from cheetah kills to lion kills to wildebeest crossing and even the elusive leopard! The camp is gorgeous and the staff and guides wonderful - professional and very welcoming. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. Special thanks to Philip, Tobiko and Kennedy.
Posted By Mr and Mrs Smith London UK on Tuesday 27th April at 09:45
Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara, July 2008 Amazing, fantastic, wonderful - everything exceeded all expectations! The lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, giraffes and the wildebeest crossings were all so much more than we expected. The staff were all attentive yet not overboard, they are all so willing. We will be back for more - we have the taste of Africa!
Posted By Paula and Eric UK on Tuesday 27th April at 09:43
Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara, September 2008 What a way to celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary! All 3 Porini Camps we attended were terrific. We so hoped that something good was happening in Africa to save threatened wildlife and the people who live in their vicinity - Porini has the formula and it works. We hope it keeps working for generations to come. Many thanks to all particularly our guides and drivers.
Posted By Mr and Mrs Henderson Trinidad Colorado USA on Tuesday 27th April at 09:42
Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara, September 2008 Fantastic safari experience. Great food and tents and even better wildlife viewing. Saw everything we could hope for and more. Porini is by far the most immersive safari available.
Posted By Ms Ingrid Hibbard on Tuesday 27th April at 09:40
Mara Porini Camp, Ol Kinyei, Mara September 2008 The perfect blend of unspoiled wilderness with the incomparable hospitality of the Maasai. Our second visit was as exhilarating as our first and we look forward to our third return. We leave many friends behind at Mara Porini!
Posted By Rick and Nicole Goodfellow Ottawa Canada on Tuesday 27th April at 09:39
Mara Porini Camp, Ol Kinyei, Mara September 2008 Never before in 36 years of safaris have I seen all the Big Five before lunch! Robert was an excellent guide and Enoch our driver coped splendidly with the black cotton soil. All the staff were so welcoming and friendly, and the time at the camp I shall return to in my mind.
Posted By Jacqui Delhoye on Tuesday 27th April at 09:38
Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara, 8 -10 Sep 2008 I really enjoyed the stay at the Porini Lion Camp, it's my best camp experience. The place gives me a cozy and warm feeling, just feels like at home. And I would like to thank all the Maasai staff for looking after us so well, they are always thoughtful about the guests. The activites here are great too, sundowner drinks to watch the sunset, lunch picnic and night game drive etc........ To me, this is a memorable journey. Best regards, Esther P.S. Look forward to go back to this wonderful and beautiful place, Kenya. Look forward to go back to this fantistic camp, Porini Lion Camp. Look forward to seeing those friendly Maasai Staffs.
Posted By Esther Kwok Hong Kong on Tuesday 27th April at 09:36
Amboseli Porini Camp, Selenkay Conservancy, Amboseli, December 2008 I was at Amboseli Porini just before Christmas- it was a great safari experience and very well-run. Our 2 guides Harry and Spotter Jonah were wonderful and very knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed the sustainability credentials of the camp. I cannot wait to go back and try Mara Porini as well as visiting the rest of what Kenya has to offer.
Posted By Francesca Landi London UK on Tuesday 27th April at 09:35
Amboseli Porini, Porini Rhino and Porini Lion Camps, January 2009 Porini Wilderness Experience Safari: A big thank you to all of you in Nairobi and your managers and staff at the Porini camps for the great time we had on our safari. So many elephants in Amboseli, 15 different cheetahs in Ol Pejeta including two females each with four cubs. There were so many lions in Olare Orok Conservancy and the Mara that on one day we lost count of the numbers after we reached 50. Our guides worked very hard to get us the sightings we wanted. Felix and Jackson in Amboseli Porini, James and Benjamin at the Porini Rhino Camp and John and Meshack at Porini Lion camp who spent so much time getting us the leopard sighting needed to complete the big five. When they found one we could not have had better views and spent quite a long time watching and following it. We can confirm that all is now back to normal after the elections and witnessed for ourselves the improvement in roads etc. Even the immigration officers at the airports now smile at you and wish you a happy holiday! Kenya Airways also went out of their way to look after us when the flight from Nairobi to Mombasa was delayed. They supplied us lunch and even came looking for us when they brought the new departure time forward by half an hour.
Posted By Mr and Mrs M Jenner England on Tuesday 27th April at 09:33
Amboseli Porini, Porini Rhino and Porini Lion Camps, February 2009 Porini Wilderness Experience Safari: The most fantastic 6 days - accommodation was excellent, most comfortable beds, everything we could wish for with additional touches like refreshments with the early morning 'wake up'. The food was delicious, service very high standard - way beyond expectations and the game drives were out of this world. Everything was amazing, but perhaps the most moving was the Maasai 'farewell' at Mara Porini Camp - we were both reduced to tears of emotion and found it hard to leave. Also, being an elephant lover, waking up at 3.15am to elephants outside our tent at Porini Lion Camp complete with mother and calf was an experience never to be forgotten.
Posted By Mr and Mrs J Bertlin Cumbria England on Tuesday 27th April at 09:22
Amboseli Porini Camp, Selenkay Conservancy and Lake Nakuru, February 2009 Service from Gamewatchers was very good. Samson was my contact and he always answered quickly and professionally to my multiple questions (as it was the first time that I was going to Africa) and it was the first time that I booked a holiday by e-mail and with a foreign agency and everything went well. As soon as Gamewatchers received the payment I was informed. After a 4 hour drive from Nairobi to Selenkay conservancy with our driver Ray (I will never forget this, the bumpy roads and all these trucks driving right, left, according the holes in the roads ! But, we felt safe with our very good driver) we reached Amboseli Porini Camp. We were impressed by the kindness of the Maasai in the camp, we felt we were being looked after by friends. They really took care of my daughter and me like princesses and made our stay at Amboseli Porini camp unforgettable. Our guide Harry was amazing. His skill, knowledge and patience during the game drives were impressive. A nice man. He is a living encyclopedia. He was very nice with his team as well. We had every comfort we could wish in the camp, a nice big tent, clean and very comfortable. The food was of very good quality. The game drives from Amboseli Porini Camp in the Selenkay conservancy were very interesting as we were the only guests in the conservancy. The next day a very nice American couple joined us and we shared the day (game drive to Amboseli) together and the evening and we really enjoyed their company. The evening game drives were very nice and most of all the sundowner at the scenic viewpoint. We were lucky as it was full moon and we could see the African sky is much clearer to see the stars (explained by Harry and since then my daughter Linda can recognize a lot of stars in the Swiss sky!). At Amboseli and Lake Nakuru the game drives were great as well, but with more buses and cars around us which made it different from the Selenkay Conservancy. It goes without saying that for me the best experience was to see all those animals in freedom in the nature, these wonderful landscapes with the Kilimanjaro at the back. But, I think that it was the walk with the Masai and the visit to their village. We felt like guests and not like tourists invading their living and I will never forget their kindness and smiles. Beautiful people, so humble yet proud. While being there we saw the birth of a little cow and I was touched by the way an old man took care of it. (See photo in customer photos) This holiday in Kenya will remain unforgettable for my daughter and myself. We were lucky to meet wonderful people, admire animals in the wild and wonderful landscapes. I know that I will come back to Kenya as there is still so much to discover. With no doubt I will contact Gamewatchers Safaris again. Thank you to Samson, Tasnim, Harry, Ray, Kamel, Joseph, Jonathan, Jonah and the others who made this journey unforgettable for us. With kind regards, Evelien Voigt-Verweij, Geneva, Switzerland
Posted By Evelien Verweij Geneva Switzerland on Tuesday 27th April at 09:18
Mara Porini Camp, Ol Kinyei Conservancy & Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy - Mara, March 2009 Masai Mara Big Cat Safari: We had a lovely time with Gamewatchers and were very pleased. It was great. The staff at Mara Porini Camp in particular were an enormous joy to be with - Moses (the waiter); Ben (our guide) & Enoch (the driver) were all great. Accommodations, food and staff were great. Your website doesn't do the camps justice! We were thrilled with the wildlife experiences, the skill of our guides and the flexibility in terms of scheduling safaris/rests/meals. I was also very pleased with the partnership the camps exhibit with the local communities - the pride the staff feel in the conservancies and in the camps is palpable. We are still on a high from our fabulous time with you - and trying to warm various friends and family members up for a return trip.
Posted By Robert van Beers Toronto Canada on Tuesday 27th April at 09:16
Amboseli Porini Camp; Sunbird Lodge, Elementaita & Lake Nakuru; Mara Porini Camp, Ol Kinyei Conservancy, August 2009 We wanted to tell you how delighted we were with our experience with your company. Beginning with your very informative website and our initial contacts with Henrietta and Kate Daniel, we were assured that we had made the right choice. We particularly liked the opportunity to stay in conservancies near the major parks, enjoying the environment and the wildlife from the comfort of the camp from the moment we awoke each day. We were also impressed with the model of partnership with the local Masai, something that sounded good to us before we arrived, but added an unanticipated dimension to the whole experience. We stayed our first two nights at the Amboseli Porini Camp in Selenkay Conservancy and our fifth and sixth nights at Mara Porini Camp in the Masai Mara. We found both camps to be wonderfully situated, well-appointed and well-managed by Tony and David. The tents were beyond comfortable, the food delicious, and the attention given by the staff superb. Our guides at Selenkay, Jimmy and Daniel, were knowledgeable, attentive and conscientious. As was John at Masai Mara. Our middle two days were spent at the Sunbird Lodge, from where we visited Nakuru. Sammy, our host and guide for those days, was also superb. The Sunbird accommodation was beautiful and the service to a high standard. With all of the guides, we were particularly pleased with their attention to detail in description, their tireless efforts to help us understand the animals, the habitats, and the relationships therein. All were also very helpful in introducing us to the people of Africa we observed and encountered, and to the ways in which the human and natural environments are interacting. We were fortunate to be in the Mara for the Wildebeest migration, but even without that, the quantity and quality of game we were able to view and photograph exceeded our wildest expectations. The details of our time with Gamewatchers were also well-handled. Everything and everyone performed just as promised. We were met, transported, and delivered in comfort and with care. We simply could not have had a better time, and fully intend to visit Africa again with Gamewatchers, and we have already recommended you to friends and relatives for their Africa planning. Thank you again to all - our memories of Africa remain vivid and compelling.
Posted By Stewart and Karen Colorado USA on Tuesday 27th April at 09:05
Tortilis Lodge, Porini Rhino Camp, Mara Porini Camp, Porini Lion Camp, January 2010 We have recently returned from a safari using Porini camps. Unfortunately the Amboseli camp was flooded and we were transferred to the Tortilis camp. The Porini driver and guide still provided us with excellent game drives in an area that we had not previously visited. We then moved on to Porini Rhino Camp where Paul, the manager, and his staff made our stay special by including us in a visit to see the four northern white rhino recently arrived from Prague. Next was Mara Porini Camp where the manager, David, and his team once again made us really welcome and provided a service that was second to none. Our last stop was Porini Lion Camp where once again we were made to feel very welcome by Ben and his team. The concept of the Porini camps is unique both from the ecological aspect and the involvement of the local people - we have not encountered anything similar during our previous fifteen visits to various countries in Africa. We hope to visit the camps again and wish everyone well for the future.
Posted By Elaine and Colin Foden England on Tuesday 20th April at 14:56

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