Introduction to Madagascar Tours


Madagascar, just 400km off the coast of Africa is the world’s 4th largest island.  Covering an area of 587,000 sqkm, which includes rainforests, dry forests, savannah, rock formations, Unesco Heritage sites and beautiful, unspoilt coastline and islands.  The island is home to 5% of the world’s species diversity and over 90% of it’s wildlife is found nowhere else on earth, it really is a nature & wildlife lovers paradise.

The island’s cultural heritage is fascinating and is a melting pot of Asia, Europe & Africa – these different influences can be seen as you travel around the country.  The official languages that are spoken are Malagsy and French.

Madagascar is a unique destination just waiting to be discovered.  It is easily accessible for international travel and due to its location is also a great destination to twin with it’s neighbouring countries on the African mainland, for example it is only a 3hr 20min flight from Nairobi into Antananarivo (TNR), the capital.

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This is a year-round travel destination with a marine climate and mild winter. There are two main seasons, the high season which is July through to October where the temperature can be milder, depending on the location.  Low season which is Nov – June, when temperatures are higher and rain can also be expected Nov through to April.

Madagascar does not  currently offer developed infrastructure such as tarmac highways, many of the roads are small, however driving is an option for those who are happy to explore by road – however it is advised to have an experienced driver & suitable vehicle on the rough roads and in these sorts of conditions.  Due to the size of the country and the infrastructure, flying in between locations is also a very popular way to explore this country, and cuts down travel time.

Current indications show that in 2023 Madagascar’s population stands at an estimation of just over 30 million people, which is a current population density of just 51.64 people per km2.  If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle you can really do this on this island, which is twice the size of the UK and half the size of the UK population.

Madagascar offers it’s visitors so much to experience; whether it be visiting the iconic baobab trees, observing the Lemurs which cannot be seen anywhere else on earth and other wildlife that only live here, seeking out the flora and fauna of the island, learning about the diversity, culture & heritage of the island from the people who live here, exploring the remote coastal areas or whale watching over the turquoise ocean.

To find out more about this wonderful and unspoilt destination,  contact us to discuss your travel plans with one of our dedicated travel consultants. We offer a selection of lodges & hotels in Madagascar as well as tours and we can tailor a trip to suit your requirements and budget.

Madagascar Itineraries and Tours

Madagascar is a destination that offers a huge amount, whether you are visiting for a short time or planning a longer stay.  There is an array of choice on what to do, where to stay & what to experience,  depending on how long you have planned.  View our hand picked tours in Madagascar, which offer a real flavour of this destination.

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Located in the centre of the island, Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar, sits 1280m above sea level.  The city offers plenty of history and culture, as well as many points of interest and significant sights worth exploring during a stay here. This city is where you will start/end your time on this island.

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Madagascar’s third largest city is located in the central Highlands, 1500 metres above sea level, and is the capital of the Vakinankaratra Region. Visit the craft markets, artisan workshops and explore the local culture of this bustling city, as well as hiking in the local area with beautiful views of the surrounding highlands.


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Madagascar Parks and Reserves

Madagascar’s National Parks and Reserves allows visitors the opportunity to explore varied and unique  landscapes as well as observing the diverse flora and fauna that this magnificent island has to offer, many of which are endemic to this island.

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Madagascar Travel Information

Madagascar is a unique destination just waiting to be discovered.   Our travel information section aims to provide you with useful information and resources for your trip to this magical island.

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