Anyone can take a honeymoon cruise or spend a week exploring a romantic city like Paris or Prague. But your honeymoon should be different—packed with adventure, excitement, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences as memorable as your wedding day itself.

If a safari honeymoon in Africa isn’t on your list of ultimate honeymoon destinations, it should be.

So if you’re soon-to-be married and looking for something truly magical for a honeymoon adventure, here are 10 ideas you should definitely consider.


1. Watch the wildebeest migration from the air in a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara.

They call the great wildebeest migration the World Cup of Wildlife—upwards of two million animals make their way each year from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Mara in Kenya. And you and your beloved will have a bird’s eye perspective of this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

After an early morning coffee together, you’ll board a romantic, colourful balloon at sunrise to float over the amber-hued Great Rift Valley and the parade of animals below. Bring your camera—you’ll wow your friends back home with your honeymoon photos.

The safari honeymoon Adrica adventure ends with a champagne breakfast on the lush African savannah. What could be a more perfect start to your honeymoon?


2. Enjoy a sunrise cruise on the Chobe River and watch the elephants take their morning shower.

10 Unbelievable Safari Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

Chobe National Park in Botswana is famous for the large herds of elephants who make their home here. Their daily habits include an early morning shower in the river before making their way to the banks to feast on the sweet river grass that grows there in abundance.

Why not start your life together on a cosy sunrise cruise down the Chobe? Bring your camera and enjoy your morning coffee or tea taking photos of the elephants…and the hippos…and the crocodiles warming in the sun. If you love birds—Chobe is a paradise for kingfishers, waders, and exotic waterbirds.

If mornings aren’t your thing, you can always take a romantic sunset cruise and enjoy a bottle of wine and some savoury snacks as you float along the river.


3. Take a walking safari honeymoon Africa together through the wilds of northern Kenya (with a camel train carrying your gear).

10 Unbelievable Safari Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

Is your dream honeymoon more focused on enjoying your natural surroundings, communing with nature, and sleeping under the stars? Do you love the idea of falling asleep to the sound of nightjars calling…with the distant cadence of Samburu warrior songs in the background?

A walking safari is the most intimate way to get to know Africa’s magnificent bush country—but you won’t have to sacrifice the little luxuries of civilisation. A camel train follows you, carrying everything you need for a comfortable mobile camp.

All the necessities like a tent, comfortable mattress and bedding, even carpets, a table with mirror, and stool, plus fresh fruits and provisions (including wine, champagne, and spirits) for delicious safari meals. And you can even have hot safari bucket showers together to start your day—after all, you’re conserving more water that way!


4. Take a private evening game drive for two and watch the animals come to life—keep your eyes open for the elusive leopard.

10 Unbelievable Safari Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

Porini Rhino Camp in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia is an intimate eco-camp within the vast 90,000 acre wildlife reserve near the foot of Mt. Kenya. Besides its large population of endangered black rhinos, it also provides a home to all the animals that comprise The Big Five – and one of the few places you stand an excellent chance of spotting a leopard.

Can you picture you and your partner in a private vehicle with your own skilled Maasai driver taking a game drive at dusk? Watching the animals come to life after a quiet day in the heat of the sun? And enjoying a chilled wine or cocktail round a campfire upon your return? A Caribbean cruise is tame and downright dull by comparison.


5. Pamper yourselves with a spa retreat at Rusinga Island Lodge on the shores of Lake Victoria.

10 Unbelievable Safari Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

Don’t for a minute imagine that Africa is all about roughing it in the bush. If you need a bit of pampering to make your honeymoon complete, there’s nothing like Rusinga Island Lodge. Elegantly appointed gorgeous stone cottages with rustic thatched roofs overlook the shores of Lake Victoria. Roan antelope wander the grounds. Over 360 species of birds make the region their home and the air is filled with the sounds of their songs and calls. Don’t be surprised to see otters frolicking in the lake.

The lodge offers everything you and your partner could desire in spa comforts—and there are plenty of exciting watersports on the lake when you feel like a bit of excitement. Why not finish your safari honeymoon Africa with a weekend at the spa?


6. Explore the fabled Spice Gardens and shop the bustling bazaars of Zanzibar together.

The very word “Zanzibar” conjures up romance in a world redolent with the intoxicating aroma of cloves and other exotic spices. Zanzibar delivers on its romantic promise with its eclectic melange of decadent sultan palaces, bustling bazaars, fragrant spice gardens, and Portuguese forts.

Round out your adventure with a dive of the coral reefs off Zanzibar’s coast or a day spent snorkeling the Pemba Channel. Don’t miss the Jozani Forest Nature Reserve, home of the last red colobus monkey sanctuary in the world. A sunset cruise to Prison Island is a lovely end to a Zanzibar honeymoon.


7. Camp for the night in the only National Park next to a city – a night at Nairobi Tented Camp.

10 Unbelievable Safari Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

Get your safari honeymoon Africa honeymoon started with your first game drive just 30 minutes after you leave the airport after stepping off the plane in Nairobi. The Nairobi Tented Camp is located in the heart of Nairobi National Park—the only camp of its kind. The African wilderness is literally at your doorstep with wildlife species including lions, leopards, rhinos, giraffes and plains game.

You’ll start your day with coffee or tea delivered to your tent before climbing aboard a safari vehicle for an early morning game drive to catch the first rays of the sun bringing the big animals to life for the day. Take long leisurely afternoon naps together in a comfy hammock after your three-course gourmet lunch.

There are even icy cold drinks in the fully stocked bar at the camp’s mess tent. It’s the ultimate way to kick off your safari holiday.


8. Walk East Africa’s highest canopy walk over Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda’s vast tropical rainforest.

Nyungwe Forest is a fairytale scene with its majestic orchid-covered mahogany and ebony trees towering over you. Birds and butterflies swirl all around you and there is a rich, verdant fragrance in the air. Take a canopy walk across a metal suspension bridge floating some 50 meters above the forest for the ultimate honeymoon adventure.

Did you know Nyungwe is home to 13 different species of primates—nearly one fourth of all the primates in Africa?

For a truly one-of-a-kind honeymoon, spend a few nights at the snug 12-room Top View Hotel overlooking Nyungwe, Lake Kivu, and the volcanoes in the distance. You’ll love the view from your private hillside veranda.


9. Work side-by-side helping to save the lions of Kenya.

10 Unbelievable Safari Honeymoon Destinations and Ideas

If your dream honeymoon is more than just having fun together and relaxing, why not use your time to actually do good whilst enjoying your first days as newlyweds?

The Lion Research Safari is a partnership with the Ewaso Lion Project and you and your partner will spend four days with a lion research expert assisting with important tasks such as going on patrol with the lion scouts to identify spoor tracks, tracking and monitoring the movements of radio-collared lions, investigating predatory attacks, and visiting schools and homesteads to educate lion conservation efforts.

There’s no better way to set the stage for a lifetime of collaboration and partnership together in service to an extraordinarily worthy cause—Africa’s endangered lion population.


10. Take a jeep safari for two through Amboseli, Laikipia , and the Mara.

4x4 Safari Kilimanjaro in background

Climb into a rugged 4×4 safari landcruiser for an intimate 12-day safari for two through Kenya’s greatest game parks and conservancies. Wander through the bush with Maasai guides, visit Maasai villages, and take morning and evening game drives in exclusive wildlife conservancies without the constant irritation of tourist minibuses to ruin the experience.

You’ll see Kenya’s Big Five plus a vast array of African wildcats, gazelles, antelopes, and other furry four-legged beasts and colorful birds. Catch a glimpse of snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance overlooking Amboseli.

Why not finish up your safari honeymoon Africa holiday with a weekend at the beach on the Kenyan coast or take a relaxing escape to the Seychelles? The beauty of an African honeymoon is its diversity of opportunities—whatever your dream honeymoon includes, you can find it on an African safari holiday.


Ready to bring your honeymoon into focus?

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Anyone can take a honeymoon cruise or spend a week exploring a romantic city like Paris or Prague. But your honeymoon should be different—packed with adventure, excitement, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences as memorable as your wedding day itself.

Anyone can take a honeymoon cruise or spend a week exploring a romantic city like Paris or Prague. But your honeymoon should be different—packed with adventure, excitement, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences as memorable as your wedding day itself.

Anyone can take a honeymoon cruise or spend a week exploring a romantic city like Paris or Prague. But your honeymoon should be different—packed with adventure, excitement, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences as memorable as your wedding day itself.