It is the income from our safari tourism that pays for the land leases and the wages for all the community members working in the camps and conservancies where Gamewatchers Safaris is involved.

Through the “Adopt-an-Acre” plan, contributors can adopt an acre of land in the conservancies for a year with a donation to the Wildlife Habitat Trust which has been set up as a fund to help to pay the land leases so that the Maasai families continue receiving the rents and the conservancies can continue to exist. The Trust is audited by a reputable firm of auditors in Nairobi, Grant Thornton Kenya, so that contributors can be confident that all the money is going direct to the Maasai community.

We are asking our friends and customers to support our conservation mission and to help to keep the payments flowing into the communities by adopting one or more acres for a year through a donation of $35 per acre.

We have 42,500 acres to be adopted! (Selenkay 13,500 acres, Ol Kinyei 18,500 acres, Naboisho 3,500 acres, Olare Motorogi 7,000 acres).

With the 42,500 acres which we lease providing an income of almost US$1.5 million to the community, this means that in a year, every acre of conservancy land supported by us is creating a protected habitat for wildlife and also generates $35 going straight to the local people with $20 going to payments for land rents and $15 to wages. We have 42,500 acres to be adopted!

  • To adopt 1 acre for a year requires a donation of $35 of which $15 goes to conservancy and camp staff wages and $20 goes to the families.
  • To adopt 5 acres with a donation of $175, means $75 going towards the wages of the 247 Maasai staff and $100 going towards rent payments to hundreds of families.
  • To adopt 30 acres the donation is $1050, with $450 going to wages and $600 going to the families.

As a special incentive, anyone adopting 30 acres or more will receive a credit from Gamewatchers Safaris for the same amount donated, to be used for payment of a stay at any of the Porini Camps in 2024 or 2025. So, for example, a donation of US$ 1050 to adopt 30 acres will receive a travel credit worth US$ 1050.


Concerned about the security of your booking and your own safety while on safari?

We fully appreciate your concerns when it comes to booking a safari in Africa and you can rest assured that your financial security when booking and your own personal safety when on safari is our highest priority. Gamewatchers Safaris is a member of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators bonding scheme, backed by a leading insurance company, to ensure your payments are fully protected if a bonded KATO member ceases trading.