Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain.¬†With its volcanic ridges and glacial valleys radiating across the land like spokes from a wheel, the massive bulk of Mount Kenya straddles the Equator yet is permanently crowned with snow.¬†Climbing Mount Kenya takes you through varied ecosystems and awe-inspiring scenery.




The 588 square-kilometre National Park, surrounded by 2000 square kilometres of Forest Reserve, is dominated by the twin summits of Batian (5,199 m) and Nelion (5,188 m) whose jagged snow-capped peaks are all that remain of a gigantic volcanic lava plug that once thrust another 300 meters into the sky. The 2000-square-kilometre Mount Kenya Forest Reserve, meanwhile, is the largest forest reserve and water-catchment area in Kenya and features magnificent stands of buttressed and lichen-draped juniper, podocarpus and African olive trees whose dense canopy provides the ideal habitat for vast herds of buffalo and elephant as well as a bright kaleidoscope of birds and other wildlife.

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