It is the witching hour near Porini Camp and the lions are on the prowl. Guest Clinton Richardson sets the scene …

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This series of blogs will take you on Clinton’s safari in Kenya as he travels from Atlanta (USA) to Nairobi National Park, Selenkay Conservancy (Amboseli), Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Laikipia) and Olare Motorogi Conservancy (Maasai Mara). Let’s join him on his journey as he shares his insights into the conservancies, Porini Camps and the people (and animals!) that he meets along the way. All images are from Clinton’s photo site. Blog entries are from his Venture Moola blog at

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He is a magnificent creature by any measure. Seen above drinking from a pond, you can see his full mane and sense the power that makes him top predator on the savanna.

Evening is approaching and we are following him as he and a single female trail their pride across the plains. He is large and confident but he is not young. When he faces you head on you notice that his left eye is blood shot. When he moves he walks with a slight limp. He no longer has the fluid walk of his younger companion.

The female offers herself but he ignores her. He is focused on catching up with pride off in the distance. She registers disappointment but he will not be deterred. He is focused on the calls from the larger pride. They are ahead and he is making his way to join them.

We are less than an hour until night fall. Color of the light has already softened. There is a breeze that brings cooler air to the plains. We are driving in our open Land Cruiser, matching the lions leisurely pace.

They stop to rest. There is little hurry here. They will reach the pride.

From where they sit, they can survey the open plains before them. Their companions are out of sight but you can hear one roar and ruff from time to time. With each call, the male raises his ears.

Soon they are up again walking toward the invisible pride. She walks ahead now but never too far from her male. His limp slows him down but he keeps a steady pace, stopping only when he hears a call.

Looking back on him from our vehicle, you can see that he is past his prime. Still, his stance is erect and formidable. He is focused and powerful even if the years have robbed him of his grace and speed.

He stops to survey his path ahead. Another “ruff” sounds from just over a low hill ahead. He lifts his head and barks a reply.

It is twilight on the African plain.

First published 25 Apr 2019. All photos and text are © Clinton Richardson. All images are from his galleries at


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