Our recent guest Clinton Richardson observes some of the wildlife around Porini Rhino Camp in Ol Pejeta Conservancy …

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This series of blogs will take you on Clinton’s safari in Kenya as he travels from Atlanta (USA) to Nairobi National Park, Selenkay Conservancy (Amboseli), Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Laikipia) and Olare Motorogi Conservancy (Maasai Mara). Let’s join him on his journey as he shares his insights into the conservancies, Porini Camps and the people (and animals!) that he meets along the way. All images are from Clinton’s TrekPic.com photo site. Blog entries are from his Venture Moola blog at ReadJanus.com.

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Our game drives at Ol Pejeta, where the Porini Rhino Camp is located, were very productive. The rhino, white and black, were abundant along with their young. But so too were the cape buffalo, zebra, impala, gazelles, birds, jackels and hyenas.

On this drive we found ourselves in the middle of a herd of cape buffalo, powerful beasts that look you straight in the eye. They were mostly interested in grazing but there were plenty of young to look after and watching them run about was fun.

Making My Move

Then, as I was looking to the left, I noticed a very busy bull trying to hook up with a female. She was not much interested and moved just as he did. You can see the result in these two pictures.

Above, he is making his approach. His target is facing left. His landing pad is facing right. Below you can see the result.

I Am So Embarrassed

If that is a crash of one kind on the African grassland what follows is a true crash of another kind. A family, or crash, of white rhino we found after we left the buffalo herd proved equally entertaining.

Mother and Calf

To be specific, we came upon a male and female grazing together next to the dirt road that cut through the grassland. With them was a calf the guides estimated was no more than a few months old.

Ready to Charge

While she may have been small she showed no fear. As we watched, she faced us down and threatened to charge. Then she took off running around her mom and then over to her dad, running in circles around him. She stopped there briefly to graze with dad.

Father and Calf

Then it was back to mom as she headed away from the dirt road onto the open grassland. She followed her mom, briefly. Then she was off again.

This time she was after a bird, then a zebra and then a wart hog. Each chase was enthusiastic and bounding. After three short chases, it was back after the zebra for one more try.

All her targets easily avoided her charges but she was undeterred. It was like watching a puppy run in a park.

Chasing Zebra

She was surprisingly fast and agile. Running with abandon across the grass.

On the Run

She never actually caught up with anything, of course. But the racing was a joy to watch.

Chasing a Warthog

It was another great day on the African plain.

First published 6 Dec 2018. All photos and text are © Clinton Richardson. All images are from his galleries at TrekPic.com


About Clinton Richardson

Clinton Richardson has been writing and taking photographs for decades. His books include the critically acclaimed 5th edition Richardson’s Growth Company Guide 5.0 and the award-winning book about social media and ancient coins called Ancient Selfies. His images, including images taken on his trip, can be viewed at TrekPic.com. His Venture Moola blog can be viewed at Readjanus.com.


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