The “Porini Pride” are named after our Porini Rhino Camp to which they are attracted by the bustling waterhole that is perfectly located adjacent to the camp and where a broad range of animals gather.

The pride boasts 19 members, including two adult lionesses, seven spirited cubs (about 13 months old), eight adventurous sub-adults, and two adult males.

This video shows recent footage as well as film from last year (when the cubs were very young) and we can see just how quickly they have grown.

Porini Rhino Camp is set in a secluded valley on a seasonal river within the 90,000 hectare Conservancy. Each of Africa’s “Big Five” animals can be seen here and the Conservancy is East Africa’s largest Rhino Sanctuary and home to Black Rhino, Southern White Rhino and the World’s last two remaining Northern White Rhino.

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