Lemuny Pride On The Move

This lovely footage of a lioness and her young cubs of the Lemuny Pride shows how individual cubs behave differently. It was filmed by Jui Banerjee in Ol Kinyei Conservancy (Maasai Mara).

Nirmalya Banerjee of our Porini Cheetah Camp in Ol Kinyei writes, “The very young lion cubs are vulnerable and they know it. There will be a time when they will stride across the savanna, but that time hasn’t come. Not yet. So when a pride with cubs walks some distance it walks fast from bush to bush with the cubs regrouping at each halt.┬áIn the open, the cubs are expected to keep up with the lionesses and not dawdle. However even here, you can see individual cubs behaving differently. You have the cautious cub sticking close to Mum, the adventurous cub leading the way and the responsible cub, looking back to make sure no one has wandered away”.


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