How Lions Take Down Large Prey

The Ajali pride of lions in Ol Pejeta conservancy has been busy. Just last week, they chased down some zebras around Porini Rhino Camp and managed to take down a foal. Yesterday morning (Thursday) guests were lucky enough to see them make a buffalo kill.

This video was shot by Porini Guide Sylvester Matheka.

Did you know, once a lion has downed its prey, it bites the throat or over the nose and mouth of the prey to suffocate it? This position keeps the lion out of the way of horns that could injure the lion. In this video, the two lionesses do both at the same time. Lions are apex predators and are capable of taking down large prey such as buffaloes, zebras, and wildebeest. They use a combination of strength, teamwork, and specialized hunting techniques to catch and kill their prey..


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