A Kenyan safari is made up of many magical moments that make for a lifetime of memories. While an up-close-and-personal experience is always best, this sneak preview gives you a taste of what to expect on your own Kenya safari holiday.


1. See wildebeests silhouetted against a golden sunrise.

Imagine: Dawn breaks and you’ve just opened your eyes. Birds fill the air with music, and as you take in the sunrise—across the horizon, a herd of wildebeest travelers make their way over the savannah, their sturdy bodies and spiky horns in silhouette against the orange sun. Could anything be more magical than this?


2. Wave to a herd of elephants as they pass by in Ol Kinyei Conservancy.

Seeing one elephant in the wild would be a thrill while on safari. Can you imagine seeing close to a hundred at once? That spectacular scene shows just how breathtaking the sights on safari truly are. The wonders of our natural world never cease to amaze!


3. Go on a bush walk with the best guides around – Maasai warriors!

Ever wondered how the Maasai learned to spot game? Or how they mastered hunting with a spear? Find out everything you wanted to know about this 2,000-year-old, semi-nomadic tribe during a bush walk. They may even teach you how to get the perfect height while performing their traditional jumping dance!


4. See animals by moonlight on a night game drive.

Many animals, such as lions, become most active at night. Sundowners give you a special opportunity to see these and other nocturnal creatures stalking prey, foraging for food, or taking a midnight bath in a nearby pond. You never know what you’ll find on safari after dark!


5. Meals on safari are a completely different experience when our Maasai teams host them in the wild.

Enjoy being serenaded by Maasai warriors singing traditional songs while you take your breakfast on the golden savannah. Later, have a hearty lunch whilst enjoying views of wildlife at a nearby watering hole. Immerse yourself in the wild throughout your entire day, and you may be surprised by the wonders that await!


6. Follow a leopard as she stalks her prey at Olare Motorogi Conservancy.

An example of the “Circle of Life” at its finest, this leopard knows what it wants and goes after it! Isn’t it fascinating how powerful this beautiful big cat is? Chasing down its prey, then carrying it back to its lair is no easy feat, but the leopard accomplishes it with pure finesse!


7. A little R&R Grab – it’s bath time for these lion cubs!

Even lions recognize they need a bath every now and again! And where better to get the spa treatment than in the shade of a grassland tree. These lionesses and their cubs are not only getting clean, they are cooling off after spending time under the hot African sun.


8. Nairobi may be the capital of Kenya, but just outside the city, there’s a whole park to explore!

Have you ever been able to see big game and other fascinating creatures 10 minutes after leaving an airport? Well in Nairobi, you can! No other capital of the world has such a thrilling experience right outside its city limits.

Rhino in Nairobi National Park


9. Check out this cheetah family chasing a meal.

Nothing compares to seeing the fastest animal on land chase after its prey! Seriously, can you imagine a blur of spotted fur racing by after a gazelle? Well, you don’t have to imagine it while on safari! Scenes like this are just waiting to be seen; aren’t you ready to go see them?


10. Let us take you on a tour around a Porini Camp.

Of course, catching a glimpse at wild animals on safari is a memorable experience, but staying at a Porini Camp will create its own special memories of your trip to Africa! Staying in a tent doesn’t mean sleeping bags and a flashlight. Envision yourself dreaming under the stars, but still enjoying many of the comforts a hotel provides, like a heated shower!


11. Hear the true Call of the Wild – a mighty roar from a magnificent male lion!

This isn’t Leo the Lion at the beginning of an MGM movie – that roar is the real deal! Bow down to the King of the Jungle as he calls to a fellow feline friend. Can you imagine if humans called to each other like that? We’ll leave those noises to the four-legged experts and gladly watch them out on the savannah!


12. See stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro while discovering all that Porini Amboseli Camp has to offer.

What could be better than seeing stunning animals and breathtaking landscapes during your safari? Both are possible while visiting Porini Amboseli Camp. Mt. Kilimanjaro may be located in Tanzania, but as it is the highest mountain in Africa, it serves as a beautiful backdrop to the grasslands of Kenya. Many animals like the remarkable giraffe or majestic elephant roam throughout the conservancy, creating a picturesque view of the massive mountain.


13. Watch a real life soap opera play out on the African plains!

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly the same as daytime television, but the drama that plays out on the savannah is just as intense! A herd of wildebeest is spooked by the Oldikidiki pride of lions in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, and it’s a stampede!


Final thoughts…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos are probably worth even more, wouldn’t you agree? But nothing compares to seeing the world raw and live, right before your eyes. If you loved the taste of Kenya safaris captured above, click here to find out how you can see it all in person and bring back videos on your own to enjoy for years to come.

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