Gamewatchers Safaris is one of the longest established African safari tour operators based in East Africa. We own and manage our own small eco-friendly camps in Kenya, the Porini Camps. The Porini Camps are situated within exclusive wildlife conservancies and offer an intimate safari holiday experience away from the crowds.

Why choose Gamewatchers Safaris for your safari holiday?

Local presence in East Africa for 30 years  

Helpful & experienced staff based in USA, Canada, UK, Australia as well as in Kenya to assist in planning and booking your safari  

Internationally recognised, with many awards such as National Geographic Top Ten Safari Outfitters & “Africa’s Responsible Tourism Award 2018” in the World Travel Awards for 2018  

Noted for supporting conservation and local communities  

Competitive prices and special offers giving excellent value  

Run by experienced people with successful track record in safari tourism and wildlife conservationlife dispersal aea for wildlife.

A Porini Safari is the ideal safari holiday for the true wildlife enthusiast who wishes to get close to nature to enjoy an undisturbed personal adventure with a knowledgeable and qualified safari guide, using customised open-sided 4×4 safari vehicles and escorted nature walks in private Conservancy areas.  

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**FREE** How to Plan A Perfect Kenya Safari & Help Conserve Wildlife 

Would you like to go on a wildlife watching safari to observe & photograph the iconic animals of Africa, but aren’t sure how to plan this to get the best possible experience?  

We know that many people struggle with information overload when it comes to researching a wildlife watching safari holiday. 

There is almost too much information, there are so many factors & choices to consider.  

Our 6-Part email series is <<FREE>> for anyone thinking of a wildlife safari. 

It covers information on:

 ✔ How to ensure you get the best experience - including where to go, which camps to choose, safari transport

 ✔ How to travel between the parks

How much it should all cost 

As well as how to ensure that your safari will help to protect wildlife and preserve the wild areas for these beautiful creatures to live in their natural habitats.

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To find out more about the Porini Camps, please do get in touch and one of our expert safari consultants will contact you with free, no obligation information & advice. 

We can help you plan the ideal safari that's just right for you.

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