Seeking Notch – King of the Maasai Mara (….and the remaining Big 4)

Seeking Notch – King of the Maasai Mara (….and the remaining Big 4)

October 2012 | Phil Edwards

0600hrs - Rise and shine - bit chilly. We set off for the Reserve but no sooner out of camp we found a lone buffalo (Big 5 x 1). Bush breakfast at the Mara river - crocs and hippos for company. Following the river downstream and came across a family of elephants (Big 5 x 2).

0930/1000hrs - The radio crackled - there were some lions spotted - when we arrived they were mostly asleep, just a couple of cubs playing and keeping Mum awake. They were in some thick bush, and while reversing a male lion was spotted - it was not only our Big 5 x 3, but it was Notch! With all the vehicle noise he woke - time to vacate...

Returning to the river crossing we spotted some cars under a tree - one of them belonged to Jonathan Scott - there was a leopard in the tree (Big 5 x 4).

Lunch watching wildebeest crossing, then started back to camp. Radio hissed and crackled and a maasai voice spoke to our guide - the accelerator hit the floor and we were off again. Turning left along some very thick bush into some clearing there were 3 black rhino (Big 5 x 5).

What a day - all Big 5 plus 2 migration crossings along with the supporting cast of antelope etc.....

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