Murchison Falls National Park

The magnificent Murchison Falls are located in North-West Uganda where the Nile – the world’s longest river – is channelled through a narrow gorge.

The National Park encompasses the larger area of river, streams and forest with a vast range of flora and fauna dependent on this terrain.

To the north of the Park there are large areas of open grassland and acacia woodland and to the south there is thick forest becoming jungle closer to Mt. Rabongo. This all provides a great variation in habitats to support many different species.

Lion populations are increasing in the park as are hartebeest. There are also buffalo, Uganda kob, hippos and elephant in good numbers. The forests are home to large populations of chimpanzee.

There are hundreds of bird species present in Murchison Falls National Park including the incredible Shoebill Stork which stands nearly 5ft tall, weighs 6kg and its 20cm bill is the largest of any living bird species.

Visitors to the National Park can enjoy leisurely cruises and game viewing by boat as well as walking safaris so – unlike other Parks and Reserves in Africa – they are not restricted to vehicle game drives.


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