Ubuntu Safari Camp is a small camp located in the Serengeti National Park. It moves seasonally to optimise the chance of witnessing the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration and therefore ensuring fantastic game viewing at all times.

The camp itself is an intimate, traditional canvas safari camp designed to give you as much of a wild and authentic Serengeti safari experience as it is a luxury and comfortable experience. A close-knit team of warm Tanzanians ensure that hospitality, great food and a wonderfully relaxed environment remains the essence of Ubuntu Camp.


Ubuntu Camp travels with the natural flow of the wildebeest through the Serengeti eco system. From late July to October the camp is positioned to intercept the migration in the Northern Serengeti before it relocates to the southern Ngorongoro Conservation Area from December through to February. As the herds move west so does the camp and it is positioned in the Western Corridor from May to mid-July to intercept the migration on its turn north.

The camp’s guides – who spend 11 months of the year with the herds – are able to pass on a deep insight into the subtle and fascinating facets of this extraordinary cycle of life.



Ubuntu in the North (July-October): closest airstrip Kogatende (1 hr drive)

From late-July to October Ubuntu Camp is surrounded by untouched wilderness in the Northern Serengeti. While daily game drives regularly stop at the Mara River to observe the dramatic crossings across waters populated by hippo and crocodile, the area offers plenty of biodiversity.

The Northern Serengeti plains have large herds of plains game throughout the year, with lion and cheetah forever lurking in the grasslands; ever vigilant for easy prey. In the lush woodland that thrives alongside the Mara River you’ll find herds of elephant and shy leopard, as well as astounding birdlife: over 500 species can found here throughout the year.


Ubuntu in the South (December-March): closest airstrip Ndutu (2 hr drive)

As they’ve done for millennia, the herds will eventually answer the call of the migration and head for the southern Serengeti’s endless grasslands; the perfect place to calve, graze and rest. They won’t be left alone here though: lion and cheetah will follow in their wake to claim their share of the spoils.

And so Ubuntu Camp will follow: in November the camp is closed to visitors as Ubuntu is dismantled and moved to the southern Ngorongoro Conservancy Area.


Ubuntu in the West  (May- July): closest airstrip Grumeti (1 hr drive)

In May, Ubuntu Camp moves to the area known as the Western Corridor, setting up camp near Handajega which is between the Nyakoroma Hills and the border of the Serengeti.  The camp is in a great location to catch the wildebeest migration crossing the Grumeti River.



Ubuntu Camp is a seasonal camp of eight tents with two lounge/dining areas. The camp itself is a traditional under-canvas camp designed to balance safari authenticity and comfort.

Each tent is either a double or twin (triples available) with toilets and safari showers in en-suite bathrooms. Privacy is assured with a distance of 20 meters between tents.

The communal area is designed with an open feel, looking out over the plains where you can enjoy a drink whilst relaxing in the lounge and bar. The dining room is also made from canvas and allows a typical bush experience.



Game drives from each location give guests wonderful opportunities to see some of the best game-rich areas in Africa.

Off-road driving, walking safaris and cultural visits are available when the camp is in the south Serengeti between December and March.


Our team of expert Travel Consultants can devise an itinerary to include Ubuntu Safari Camp. For a no-obligation quotation by email simply contact us via our free online Request A Quote service.

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