Kenya Conservancy Experience thumbnail

Kenya Conservancy Experience

See this short video clip filmed last week which shows what the “Kenya Conservancy Experience” for safari visitors is all about.

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Porini Camps Overview thumbnail

Porini Camps Overview

"Porini Camps, offering a real authentic wildlife experience. Staying in small eco-friendly camps away from the main tourist trail."

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Going Wild in Kenya's Capital thumbnail

Going Wild in Kenya's Capital

A great insight into Nairobi National Park, home to the Big Game of Africa including lion, leopard, buffalo, black rhino, giraffe, hippo and much more. Visitors can experience a unique under-canvas safari experience at Nairobi Tented Camp, the only camp permitted within the park.

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Porini Amboseli Camp Video thumbnail

Porini Amboseli Camp Video

Porini Amboseli Camp is located within the exclusive Selenkay Conservancy, in the Amboseli eco-system, an important wildlife dispersal area and rangeland for wildlife moving out of Amboseli National park.

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Porini Mara Camp Video thumbnail

Porini Mara Camp Video

Porini Mara Camp has an idyllic location in the 18700 acre Ol Kinyei wildlife conservancy, one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the Serengeti-Mara eco-system. The safari camp is less than 18 kms from the Masai Mara park boundary.

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Porini Lion Camp Video thumbnail

Porini Lion Camp Video

Porini Lion Camp is located in the exclusive 33,000 acre Olare Motorogi Conservancy. The camp is set on the banks of the Ntiakatiak River, a seasonal river with some permanent hippo pools nearby. Game drives and walks are in the game-filled conservancy and the adjacent Masai Mara National Reserve.

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About Gamewatchers thumbnail

About Gamewatchers

A clip from a BBC Fast Track programme featuring Olare Orok Conservancy (now Olare Motorogi) in the Mara and Porini Lion Camp.

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Porini Magic thumbnail

Porini Magic

Guests at Porini Lion Camp in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, enjoy exclusive viewing as a leopard stalks a herd of gazelles and then captures one down in a gorge in the middle of a stream. 

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Wildebeest Struggle for Survival thumbnail

Wildebeest Struggle for Survival

As the world’s largest wildlife migration moves through Kenya, wildebeest face a gauntlet of predators as they frantically cross the Mara River.

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The Chain thumbnail

The Chain

While on a Porini Lion Camp game drive, witness a chain of events not easily forgotten.  The events unfold as a pride of lions begins chasing cheetahs. As the lions enter into an area where there are jackal dens, the jackals try to chase the lions.  Right in the middle of all this, a hyena has attacked a wildebeest.  Now the lions take their attention off the noisy jackals and move in to claim the wildebeest.  Surrounded by hyenas, the lions take over the wildebeest as the sun begins to fade.  Another amazing day comes to a close while staying at Porini Camps!

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Exceeding Expectations thumbnail

Exceeding Expectations

A family gives their review of the outstanding service, accommodations, and wildlife viewing at Porini Lion Camp.

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Cheetah Success thumbnail

Cheetah Success

A cheetah family shares a meal.  Filmed while staying at Porini Camps.

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Bush Breakfast thumbnail

Bush Breakfast

A special bush breakfast is a real treat!  Our Maasai guides are always cheerful but seem to be most happy when they are singing!  Also, on another day, a game drive lunch-break at a hippo pool.  Memories of a lifetime are created during a safari with Gamewatchers!

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A look at Amboseli thumbnail

A look at Amboseli

A Maasai guide talks about the Gamewatchers Safaris concept of helping preserve Africa’s unique wildlife, and Jake Grieves-Cook’s insight into establishing conservancies and the importance of sustainable eco-tourism.

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What is Porini Speech thumbnail

What is Porini Speech

A Maasai guide talks about the Porini Camp concept and what role Porini Camps are taking to help the local Maasai people through education, support and job opportunities.

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Hyenas Surround Lion thumbnail

Hyenas Surround Lion

A young male lion feeding on a wildebeest carcass is surrounded by noisy hyenas that are anxious for their opportunity to claim the meal.  See and hear the hyenas' excitement as the feeding frenzy begins.  Filmed while staying at Porini Amboseli Camp.

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Maasai benefits thumbnail

Maasai benefits

Emanuel, a Maasai guide at Porini Amboseli Camp, talks about how the Maasai people and their community benefits through employment, education and health services assistance as a result of the sustainable ecotourism ventures with Gamewatchers Safaris.

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Sundowners thumbnail


During a stay at Porini Camps, guests are treated to “sundowners” at a scenic point to observe the sunset. Afterwards, a night time game drive in the conservancy, when the predators are most active, is a real treat to guests of Porini Camps.

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Maasai Boys Herd Sheep thumbnail

Maasai Boys Herd Sheep

Two Maasai boys have huge responsibilities at such a young age as they tend to their family’s sheep in an area that is common to see lions and hyenas.  Filmed while staying at Porini Amboseli Camp.

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Hyena Heaven thumbnail

Hyena Heaven

A pack of muddy hyenas drive off a lioness that had killed a zebra. For guests staying at Porini Amboseli Camp it’s one exciting moment after another!

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Bush Walk to Maasai Village thumbnail

Bush Walk to Maasai Village

A walk with Maasai warriors will create memories of a lifetime!  Watch a spear throwing contest and see an authentic Masai village.  This is a great opportunity to see Masai homes and learn more about their way of life.  This is an authentic Masai village and certainly will be a highlight of your stay at Porini Amboseli Camp!

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Porini Safari Camps thumbnail

Porini Safari Camps

Experience the wildlife of the Masai Mara, Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Selenkay Conservancy, Ol Kinyei Conservancy and Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa. An exclusive, intimate and authentic journey with Porini Safari Camps.

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