Summer 2014 comes to an end

Summer highlights of 2014

We are now coming to the end of our busy summer peak season and we have had some great feedback from our many visitors who have been on safari with us in the last three months. Read more


Why travel advisories hurt countries and help terrorists

Sir Richard Branson has our support and speaks!

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Safety & Security of Visitors to Kenya

For some time now Kenya has featured in negative reports in the international media following a number of isolated incidents of terrorism in some parts of the country in the recent past and the incident at a suburban shopping mall in Nairobi a year ago, resulting in travel warnings being issued by several countries. Read more


Why I love Maasai Mara – By Aleema Noormohamed

So many stories have been written on the Maasai Mara that will tell you what an incredible hot spot it is.  There is an ongoing mantra that praises and upholds the incredible wildebeest migration as one of the wonders of the world!

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