The Conservancy Concept

The future outlook for wildlife in Kenya has greatly improved in recent years with the realisation that expanding the area of protected habitat for wild animals is vital if they are to continue to survive in their present numbers.

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Safety of visitors – Security and Health

While its economy has been booming, unfortunately Kenya’s tourism sector has been in the doldrums for the last two years owing mainly to concerns about global terrorism and fears about the possibility of Ebola in parts of West Africa spreading elsewhere.

This created negative perceptions that caused many people to postpone plans to visit Kenya. Thankfully we are now seeing a change in those perceptions as concerted action has been taken to improve security.

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Counteracting Poaching In Kenya

In recent years because of the massive demand for ivory from the Far East there has been a huge increase in poaching of elephants in all the last remaining countries where they still exist. This has reached a crisis level with over 30,000 elephants now being killed every year across Africa and with a total population of a little over 300,000 elephants left in Africa today, there is a danger that elephants are heading for virtual extinction within a decade unless the killing can be stopped.

Kenya’s Commitment to Act on Poaching

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Wildlife Safaris – Why choose Kenya?

Our parks, reserves and conservancies are teeming with wildlife today and the thousands of international visitors from all over the world who have been on safari in Kenya recently have been unanimous in saying they would love to return and will be unhesitating in recommending a visit to Kenya to their friends and family! Read more

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