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Named after Captain Denis Tobraind, Denis Island is a coral island of 375 hectares and lays north of the main cluster of Seychelles Islands on the very edge of a coral reef.

Largely undisturbed for more than two centuries Denis Island possesses a diverse eco-system that has changed little since the first explorers made landfall on her pristine shores. Despite having relatively recently opened her doors to the privileged few, Denis has changed remarkably little in all that time, her numerous treasures, both above and beneath the waves, still very much intact.

This private island has 25 elegant cottages, each nestling near the ocean shore amid lush tropical gardens - where comfort and a natural Creole flair go hand in hand to provide you with an unforgettable stay. Denis Island is now a resort that offers an exceptional experience within a private nature reserve - one of only a few destinations on earth that truly delivers eco tourism. The central L-shaped building located on the Island's western promontory houses the Denis Islands' administration block, extensive wine cellar and also its spacious bar and restaurant areas.


The restaurant, with an already enviable reputation for some of the finest cuisine in Seychelles, offers clients a sumptuous breakfast buffet of local fruits, freshly squeezed juices, farm eggs, fresh croissants and Danish pastries.


The resort enjoys the facility of a small, professional, on-site dive centre with PADI accreditation offering courses for novice and advanced divers alike and where both diving and snorkeling equipment is available.

The protected underwater world around Denis ranks as one of the finest areas for a diving holiday in Seychelles and features a number of dive sites allowing sightings of turtles, sharks, sting rays, sailfish, tuna and dolphins with whale sharks and manta rays often sighted from September to November.

Year round there are opportunities to observe at very close range the animal and bird life of the island the majority of which know little or no danger of human beings.

Fishing aficionados the world over are familiar with Denis Island's reputation as enjoying year-round fishing in an area.

Weddings & Honeymoons

With the gentle lapping of turquoise water against ivory sands and by the attentions of the devoted island staff in making ones wedding, honeymoon or anniversary, a combination of stunning beauty, the simple luxuries of true island living and the natural elegance of the resort perched in splendid isolation, makes Denis island one of the most naturally romantic niches on earth where to celebrate the moments of a lifetime with the one you love.

We have an excellent Wedding Package that includes Dennis Island.

Denis Island Wedding Package


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