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Banyan Tree Seychelles is nestled in The Intendance Bay on Mahe Island with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. One of the world's most beautiful talcum powder beaches, swaying palm trees and lush tropical forest, Banyan Tree Seychelles provides a rare taste of paradise.

For the very best of Seychellois architecture, the villas combine contemporary, colonial and 'plantation' décor; with high sloping ceilings, airy verandas and louvered doors to ethnic woven textiles. The interiors provide a true sense of place - allowing one to experience Banyan Tree's signature blend of romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality in Seychellois style.

Dining at: There are different restaurants available here. Au Jardin D'Epices is an eclectic restaurant with a homely, African ethnic feel to it.

Sitting on the veranda of a graceful colonial mansion on a balmy day while gazing at the sunset over the shimmering ocean with a glass of fine port - come to La Varangue.

Saffron offers the culinary arts of South East Asia, Thailand in particular, at Saffron, where chefs prepare authentic dishes using traditional recipes and cooking methods.


In a stunning paradise like the Seychelles, one will never have a dull moment. One my takes a leisurely drive through the beautiful Island of Mahe, the largest city in Seychelles, and enjoy its wide collection of arts and cultural attractions.

It is one of the richest fishing grounds in the world and promises an exciting and rewarding experience for fishing enthusiasts Boats are available for charter to explore the waters around Seychelles where fishing is allowed all year-round. If you prefer to explore the waters more intimately, scuba diving will allow you to explore the rich diversity of coral reefs and marine life unique to Seychelles. Close to the comfort of the luxurious villa, one can also work out at the resort's infinity pool, tennis court and gym, or be pampered at the lavish spa and beauty salon. Water sport facilities are available subject to season and sea conditions.

Resort Spa: Banyan Tree Spa Seychelles invites spa fans to shed the cares of the world in one of its eight luxurious hillside pavilions nestled within the virgin jungle vegetation with ocean views. Indulge in an exotic menu of spa treatments under the skillful hands of the Banyan Tree Spa therapists. Banyan Tree Spa Seychelles is opened from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Weddings and Honeymoons:

Celebrate the most important day of your life at the sensual and exotic Banyan Tree Seychelles. Spectacular views of the Indian Ocean offer a rare taste of paradise where relaxation and romance come easily. Intimate weddings can be set up on the beach or in the wedding gazebo. Make your wedding day an exceptional one and come to Banyan Tree for a lifetime of happy memories.

We have an excellent Wedding Package that includes The Banyan Tree.

Banyan-Tree Wedding Package


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