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Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing mountain, towers majestically over vast open plains with a permanently snow-covered peak which, on a clear day, can be seen from over 150kms away.

With its gleaming glaciers providing a stunning back-drop for safaris in the surrounding area, Mount Kilimanjaro is comprised of three extinct volcanoes: Kibo 5895m (19340ft), Mawenzi 5149m (16896ft) and Shira 3962m (13000ft). Its imposing bulk looms 4800m over the surrounding region that averages 1000m above sea level.

Kilimanjaro’s immense size and height - as well as its location near the equator and close to the Indian Ocean - strongly influence its climate and thus its vegetation, animal life and climbing conditions.

To climb Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience of a lifetime, highly recommended to the adventurous traveller willing to forego some of life's luxuries for a few days. The summit can be achieved by any physically fit person and no climbing experience is necessary.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

Kilimanjaro has six starting gates, three points via which you can access the summit and two descent routes. Hence there are many tour routes, each with different scenery and varying degrees of exertion required.

The Marangu and Rongai routes are wildly tipped as the “easiest” trails, and the Machame route is particularly renowned for its stunning scenery. Routes from Umbwe, Lemosho and Shira offer more challenging options. However, it is the duration of a climb that is as important as the ease of the route.

On climbs to the summit it is advisable to join a trek of at least 6 days in order to acclimatise your body to the increasing altitude as you pass through five different climatic zones. Gamewatchers treks have been carefully devised at around this duration to give you the best chance of success. Longer durations can be arranged for those that would prefer a slower pace.

We can help you sift through the options to tailor a climb to your exact requirements accounting for your levels of fitness and budget.

Marangu Route

Kilimanjaro Climb: Marangu Route

This 8 day tour (with 6 day trek) uses the popular and original route up to the summit of Uhuru - the Roof of Africa. There are wonderful views of the forested slopes and glacial valleys of this volcanic landscape. Accommodation is in shared huts with bunk beds and the ascent and descent are via Gilman’s Point on the rim of the Kibo volcano.

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Rongai Route

Kilimanjaro Climb: Rongai Route

An 8 day tour (with 6 day trek) taking a more off-the-beaten-track route starting on the Eastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro – a relatively dry area with a short forest zone .The route skirts the base of Mawenzi, ascends via Gilman's Point to Uhuru Peak and descends via the Marangu route trail.

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Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Climb: Machame Route

This 9 day tour (with 7 day trek) ascends Kilimanjaro via forested slopes, then through heathland, on to the edge of the remnants of the Shira Volcano and skirts Kibo passing some spectacular natural features such as giant steps and glacial valleys. The final ascent to Uhuru Peak is from Barafu camp via Stella Point. The descent is via the Mweka route.

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