Supporting Communities

Gamewatchers Safaris supports the St Lazarus Community School in Kibera which provides nutrition and education for disadvantaged children.

Children in a classroom

St. Lazarus Community School was formed in 1996 when a group of people from the Silanga village of the Kibera slums and Rachel Lomosi, who is now the Executive Director, wanted to help the numerous disadvantaged children in their community have a place to receive an education, shelter and healthcare. The only place that was available was a couple of small rooms located in a dangerous area, just a few feet away from the main railway line.

St. Lazarus has since grown and through generous donations we've now been able to purchase another 'mud' building inside the slum. We are in the processes of renovating it so that the children can have a better learning environment and not be as crowded in the classrooms. In addition to education, the children are provided with breakfast and lunch at the school. And due to a generous donation from British Telecom's top trainee technicians we have been able to add meat & fruit to the children's diet. Unfortunately for many of the kids this is the only food they get all day.

St. Lazarus now has four teachers, a headmistress, and 120 students. There is a board of directors, based in Nairobi who meets once a month to help drive the vision of the school, provide accountability and grow the school so more children can be positively impacted.

The Kibera slum of Nairobi is the largest slum (in terms of population) in sub-Saharan Africa. According to Alioune Badiane, the director of the UN Human Settlements Program: "It has 3,000 persons per hectare; I do not see any other place in the world that has such a density". Kibera has more than 1.2 million people in an area about the size of Manhattan's Central Park (2.5 square kilometers = 600 acres). More than 25% of the population of Kibera has been diagnosed with AIDS, and most of the residents live in an atmosphere of despair and severe deprivation. Many of the children are orphans at an early age due to AIDS and other diseases. More than 50% of the population is under the age of 15, and approximately 80% of all youth are unemployed.

Gamewatchers Safaris takes donations for the school which goes towards the feeding program, the building renovations and teacher salaries. We plan to open a new classroom and to take in 20 more children once we have the funds to do so. (100% of your donation goes to the school without any kind of deduction).

Please click here to contact us or to make a donation: Mohanjeet Brar, Gamewatchers' Commercial Director, is currently the Chairman of the St Lazarus Board and is always happy to hear directly from you with any questions you may have about St Lazarus.

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